Bags of Flowers and Fashion

ET-CETERA BAGS ARE UNIQUE FUN TOTES ideal for students of all ages, a day in town, a coffee with friends or a visit to the pub.
et-cetera bags make ideal presents for your friends or for yourself.

Bag 10 Lining     Bag 5 Lining

et-cetera bags are made in cotton, they are lined to match the front design and they are strong. They will safely hold a laptop or tablet, sunglasses,  a purse and makeup. They can be safely slipped onto your shoulder and the bag and its contents will nestle comfortably and securely under your arm.

et-cetera bags are fun and gorgeous, and because each one is a ‘one off’ there is no danger of mixing up bags!

Vasculitis UK

HALF THE PRICE OF EVERY BAG is donated to Vasculitis UK. Vasculitis is a group of rare auto-immune conditions.
Knowledge about Vasculitis enables an early diagnosis and therefore a much better prognosis for sufferers.

LOOK AT THE PICTURES of just a few of et-cetera’s bags and make your order through the email address provided. You can choose any decade of fashion, any flower, and the bag will be made for you to become your own piece of glamour, fun, style and colour. The bags make wonderful and affordable presents for every generation because they are lovely and they are useful.

Bag 1 Lining     Bag 3 Lining

et-cetera also make SMALLER BAGS approximately 20cms by 18cms (8″ x 7″) which are lovely presents for children or small bags for yourself. Prom girls and bridal parties can order et-cetera bags, choosing appropriate colours and styles to hold the essential items for the special occasion.

Welcome to ET-CETERA. Order a gorgeous, unique affordable bag, and in the process, help the work of Vasculitis UK. The standard size bags are £12.00. The smaller bags are £6.00. Look at the pictures which are regularly changed, and contact et-cetera by email on