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Windmill Flowers

windmill-flowers       windmill-flowers-lining

The appliqued felt flowers and the glorious lining and bows of this bag make it bright and stylish. It is ideal for a fun day out or to carry a laptop to college or work.

20’s Vogue

20's-vogue-lining     20's-vogue

This appliqued felt girl has the short skirt with an uneven hem so typical of the ‘bright young things’ of the 20’s. Her shoes, scarf, beads and cropped hair were features of the time.

Power Dressing

power-dressing-lining   power-dressing

The appliqued felt figure epitomises the ‘power dressing’ styles of the 1980’s. Her broad shoulders, knee-length skirt and short hair were a feature of office-wear in the 1980’s. The bag lining is similar to tie-dying which was a well-used technique in this period.


elegance-lining     elegance

This lady is so elegant in her 30’s suit. She is appliqued in felt and her fitted suit, her bag and court shoes were very much a feature of the glamour of the 1930’s.

Summer Holidays

summer-holidays-lining   summer-holidays

These appliqued sandals make this a perfect bag for summer and sunny days. The summer flowers of the lining are bright and abundant and lovely.

Stylish 20’s


The flapper dress is fun and stylish. As with all our bags, the 20’s lady is appiqued onto a cotton bag. The lining is plain cotton and the aquamarine colour matches the bag.

Child of the 60’s

child-of-the-60's-lining   child-of-the-60's

The girl’s mini dress and long bouffant hair remind us of the brightness and vitality of the 60’s. Her dress and the bag lining are strong, bright colours which will go with our own current fashions.

Three Daisies

three-daisies-lining    three-daisies

Three beautiful daisies which are appliqued in felt onto a rich blue cotton bag. There are lots more daisies and polka dots on the gorgeous lining.

Flower Power

Bag 10   Bag 10 Lining

The 60s ‘flower power’ generation is brought to life again with the forget-me-not maxi dress and shoulder length hair of the figure.A 60’s style forget-me-not lining completes the picture of love and hope which was the essence of ‘flower power’.


Elegance Ahead

Bag 9  Bag 9 Lining

A 1930’s fashionable hat of style and elegance with its dramatic red flower decoration provides a gorgeous design on this bag. The black bag with its stylish black and white lining is dramatic, elegant and fun. This is a bag to take you anywhere from afternoon tea to your next lecture.

Turning Heads

Bag 8    Bag 8 Lining

A 1920’s cloche hat with a veil tops a padded figure. The black and gold of the bag’s fabrics give this a feeling of luxury. You will carry your essential bits and pieces into any situation in this bag with true aplomb.

Lovely 30’s Shoes

Bag 7      Bag 7 Lining

Who would have thought that shoes could make a bag so interesting? The rich red of the bag with its delightful floral lining provide the background for elegant 30’s court shoes to make a bag which is a joy to use.

Glamorous 30’s

Bag 6 Lining   Bag 6

The unbleached cotton bag shows off the 1930’s model of style and glamour to advantage. With her bobbed hair and wonderful hat this lady is certain to attract a second glance of admiration. This bag like all et-cetera bags is useful, strong and fun. These serviceable bags give a flash of colour and style to every situation into which you take them.

Tulip Time

Bag 2   Bag 2 Lining

Beautiful tulips grace the front and the lining of this beautiful bag. It has a simple design of real loveliness and the fresh blue and green colours, aided by the flashes of pink make this a really pleasing, garden-fresh bag to take you anywhere.

Summer Daisy

bag-1   bag-1-lining

This hot orange bag with its fresh and cool green and white decoration and lining echoes the hot oranges and cool greens
of this season’s clothes. It is a bag to make people smile with its vibrancy and style.